Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunny Days are on the Way

Finally some nice weather...I was beginning to think we weren't in Georgia anymore. We had tons of fun at Russell's Barnyard Bash on Saturday, it is always great when the kids can get together and play. Someone even commented that as a single guy in his 30's, he now the minority... Happy Birthday Russell!

Travis also took Brock to his first High School State Wrestling Tournament. I think Travis has been looking forward to this since he found out he was having a son. They had lots of fun and I'm sure this will become an annual event for these two.
On Sunday the kids and I headed over to see Heather and Lars, Jason was working all day and Heather wanted the company. We thought, key word here being thought, it'd be a good idea to pack the kids up and walk to the park. Here are the all the things that went wrong with this "brilliant" idea.

1. Brock was on his bike

2. Only one single stroller and three kids under the age of 4.

3. Brock and Avery didn't have their naps

4. 1/4 of the way there, Brock decided he didn't want to ride his bike, so we hid it in a bunch of bushes

5. Avery wanted to walk and Brock wanted to ride in the stroller

We made it to the playground and everyone had fun. Little Lars slept the whole time and really liked being in the Baby Bjorn.

and the biggest problem with this trip.....

6. WE HAD TO REPEAT IT ALL TO GET HOME. Keep the mind the problems were all much worse on the return trip since both Brock and Avery were extremely tired.

But all in all, we had a fun day with Heather and Lars, but man were Heather and I exhausted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visions of Ladybugs

So it has been decided....we're doing a Ladybug party for Avery's second birthday in May. Most of you are probably saying she's crazy, it's only February and she's already planning a birthday party for the end of May. Well, this is what I do and one of the only reasons I have the time to go all out for birthdays. Starting a few months in advance gives me time to research cute ideas and start to gather all of the items I need to tie each and every detail together for a FABULOUS party!

So...stay tuned, and if you find any great items that would make the party even better, please send a link my way.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rainy Days

We've had such terrible weather this winter and you can tell that it is starting to get to the kids as well. Brock was so looking forward to going to the river to ride bikes with Travis, but again, the rain, wind and cold stopped any chance of that happening today. Travis went to work out and I thought we can't sit here again all day. So we packed up and went to Jeronimos (an indoor play place with inflatables, disco dance floor, etc.) to burn off some much needed energy.

Since it was just me and the kids, I had no time to take photos because Avery would go on anything unless I was with her. After about 1.5 we were all exhausted, including me, but it was a successful trip.

Here's hoping the weather start to improve, I have tennis in the morning and Brock really wants to go and ride bikes with Travis :)