Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sad Day...

Friday night we decided it was time to say goodbye to the "bebe" (otherwise known as the pacifier). We went to the grocery store and pick out some balloons, Mickey of course, so we could tie the bebe to it and send them to the babies that needed them in heaven. Brock tied them on himself and we went outside to say goodbye. He did great until the balloons actually went away. You'll see that the pacificers were too heavy so we had to cut the string, but he's none the wiser. We've gone almost 48 hours without one and he's doing great. He's even found Avery's a few times and handed them to her or us. Below is the drama from Friday night...

If you ask him, he says he's a big boy and doesn't need it. He'll scream "NO BEBE."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss my family

I can't wait to get home tomorrow to see my kids and Travis. I've been gone since last Wednesday. Being gone makes me greatly appreciate my family, I had a great time in Harbour Island and am currently in Orlando at a production shoot, but so ready to be home. Once I get home tomorrow I've got to get ready to host Ashley's bridal shower at my place on Saturday. Never a dull moment in my life - I always run at 90 MPH. I've got so much to post from Easter and the 5 days in the Bahamas with Ashley and Lindsey - here a preview of both.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pre-Easter Activities

I figured I had to get this post up before my actual Easter post. It's sad that I start this post early last week, but am just now getting to it. I just can't seem to get out of the weeds the past few months, I have way too much going on. Two Saturdays ago we took the kids to the park near our house for their annual Easter egg hunt. A few of our friends met us there and it was lots of fun. Brock surprisingly remembered how to hunt eggs and racked up if you ask me.

Here he is with his little girlfriend Kailey, they have a love/hate relationship, but for the most part it is ALL LOVE.

This was by far the tallest Easter bunny I'd ever seen. We all joked that it had to be hard to find a bunny suit to fit this guy. Avery is checking him out - not sure....