Friday, February 27, 2009


Last weekend grandpa treated us all with tickets to the circus and we all had a blast. It was the first time for both Avery and Brock and they had a great time. Although we learned that Brock is not of fan of clowns, but then again who is? For the few days leading up to our adventure, he watched the video preview online and kept telling everyone Circus - tigers, elephants, clowns.

Avery of course enjoyed all the lights, etc. Thanks again Dad for the tickets, it was a great time.

That same night, Papa babysat both kids by himself and I have to say successfully feed and put both to bed. Travis and I enjoyed a night out at Cirque du Soleil, yes we did two circus events in less than eight hours. Thanks again Ken and Kat for the tickets, sorry that you had to miss it. We owe you one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crawling, Bouncing and more

It's amazing how much changes with the second child. I could tell you the exact day and place for all of Brock's "firsts" and milestones, but with Avery it is "well, I think it was this day..." With that said, Avery has been crawling for about 3 weeks now, although she was up on all four rocking back and forth since Christmas. I promise to better document all of her milestones...:)

Weekend Fun

The kids love being outside and since we've had a taste of some warm weather recently, we've taken advantage of it. Brock loves all sports - anything with a ball so we enjoyed some soccer at our neighborhood park while Avery sat and watched...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Updates

I can't believe that January is over, where did it go? Here I thought having a blog would be easier to keep up with, but this is the first chance I've had to update it. I sit here and can't believe that Avery is already 8 months old and soon we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday and David's wedding. She learned to stand and crawl this month and that is all she wants to do, although she doesn't take to kindly to being knocked down out of nowhere by her brother on a regular basis. Brock talks nonstop and yesterday when I had a migrane, kept asking me "mommy - what happened, what's wrong?" you gotta love his sincerity sometimes. He continues to think that uncle Jeff lives in a box and makes sure to tell him so each time he talks to him. We've learned to pray for all those we love each night before we go to bed and he puts his hands to together and says "Dear God" and then continues to name each person he knows, sometimes if someone is lucky, he says their name twice - guess they need the extra prayer (that means you Jeff).
We continue to be hopefull that the economy will get better and a great job will open up for Travis, in the meantime, I think he's enjoying all the extra time with the kids. However, he's been sick more in the past 4 months than I can ever remember. We did get some good news this month, I was promoted, which was exciting and relieving at the same time.

Amy's Baby Shower

My passion for planning and throwing parties continues to grow. I, along with some girlfriends, had the pleasure of throwing our friend Amy her baby shower a few weeks ago. Check out the theme - bedtime cute and she loved it. Also, the cake and diaper cake were made in all my spare time, as you can tell, I don't ever sleep.