Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Play Time

So what happens when you get three babies (the three range from one month to 12 weeks apart) - see below. It was so cute to watch them all interact. You can tell Avery was much more interested in the boys than the camera, lucky us! Gavin, Anita's son (to the left of Avery) and Dylan, Katherine's son (to the right of Avery) at Katherine's 30th Birthday Party a few weeks ago.

You can see that Avery's already learned (thanks to Daddy) how to defend herself against the boys.
Yes, she really is our little princess!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Golf Lessons

Those of you who know my family well know how important golf is to the Bogans. As I mentioned in the last post, Papa gave Brock his first real set of golf clubs for Christmas. The below photos are from his first offical trip to the golf course with his 'real' clubs. He typically would just go and chase the balls my Dad hit.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas - It's Over Already?

As many of you know we've got our kids' website, http://www.hackerkids.com/, but I haven't been the best about keeping up with it the past few months. Two kids and working full time doesn't allow for a lot of free time. I'm hoping this new blog will allow me more time to update everyone on the little adventures in our lives. Let the adventure begin.

We've seen another Christmas come and go and we can all say without a doubt that Christmas is much more fun (and chaotic) with kids running around. For the first time in nine years, Travis and I spilt the Christmas holiday and spent Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas Day with my family. I thought it would be weird and difficult, but it was acutally really nice not to be rushed on Christmas Eve as we have been each year in the past. We've decided to alternate each year moving forward, all in all it turned out really well. The kids were so much fun, Brock loved the thought and notion of Santa, but not the 'actual' Santa we visited in the mall or when Santa came on Christmas Day (thanks uncle Jeff, be sure to check out the below video). Avery on the other hand is unphased by Santa and as always will go to anyone and just goes with the flow. She loved the paper, probably her favorite thing next to the butterfly rocking horse Santa brought her. Brock on the other hand now owns every CARS toy, book, jacket, hat, etc. ever made and adores his new Spiderman bike (thanks uncle Dave and aunt Ashley) as well as his new golf clubs and golf bag. We hope everyone had a great Christmas like we did.